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By December 4, 2014iPhoneography

I’m scouting around for new lenses, tripod, case and wallet for our new iPhone 6+.

The new Olloclip 4-in-1 lens looks good (two macro lenses incorporated into it!) I wonder if it will fit over my slender silicone iPhone case… Read update below…



UPDATE: I bought an Olloclip 4-in-1 and I wouldn’t recommend it at all. No, it won’t fit over any kind of case, and doesn’t play with screen protectors either. The fit for an iPhone 6 plus very is sloppily implemented, and I don’t consider the lenses to be of any use at all. The iPhone already has a wide field of view, the fish-eye is awful and the macro is terrible. Very disappointing. So what now, then?

I have my eye on the Moment Tele lens. It’s a 2X telephoto. Looks like the plate it attaches with must be adhesive? I wish not:

The Monent Tele lens

The Monent Tele lens

…But also some cheapies. When I photographed with my iPhone 4S, I loved a 5X tele by iboolo.com. They have a new design now that would fit just about any phone: the IB T50 5X telephoto, and an IQ T50 5X macro. You have to hunt for them a bit.

And there is a 3-in-1 that looks like it will fit a great deal better than the blasted Olloclip on a 6+, for $22 or so US. I ordered this from Deal Extreme. Will post an update after I’ve received and given it a whirl.

5X telephoto, macro and fisheye for iPhone 6+

5X telephoto, macro and fisheye for iPhone 6+

I’ve also ordered a 2X telephoto for the 6 plus:

4X Telephoto Universal Lens with Clip for iPhone 6/6 Plus

4X Telephoto Universal Lens with Clip for iPhone 6/6 Plus

Now for a tripod. Joby XL, or maybe iStabilizer flex, or the Glif by Studio Neat?


The phone mount on the Joby XL looks pretty good. The phone mount on the iStabilizer is pretty flimsy: I’ve got one that looks pretty similar that came with some lenses from China.

But I think the best phone mount is by Studio Neat. I have the old Glif by Studio Neat, but would need a new one for the iPhone 6+. It will hold a 6+ with a case, what’s more. I own the Cosmonaut stylus of theirs, too. Everything they make is beautifully designed. I’m leaning towards the new Glif teamed onto my old Joby GorillaPod tripod.

Beautiful little Glif will fit almost any phone and case nowadays, 'cause it's adjustable. Has tripod mounts on both ends. Mmmmm

Beautiful little Glif will fit almost any phone and case nowadays, ’cause it’s adjustable. Has tripod mounts on both ends. Mmmmm

OK. Now for cases. As I said, I’ve just got a little silicone one from Apple. There are some mouth-watering cases out there. Keep in mind, some won’t take lenses happily…

First is the “Surface” holster case by SEidio. You could whip it out of it’s holster and attach an Olloclip, and Glif with tripod, mayhap? Solves the problem of how to carry my iPhone 6+ : clip the thing onto my belt… I don’t generally like the look of that, though.

Seidio "Surface" holster case.

Seidio “Surface” holster case.

To me, the Luxury iPhone 6 plus case by Pad & Quill is the most beautiful. Just look at this, leather and wood cradle:

Pad & Quill's Luxury iPhone 6+ case

Pad & Quill’s Luxury iPhone 6+ case

The only problem for me is how to wear it. Needs a beautiful shoulder strap, or clip or something. Apparently it is secure in it’s wooden bed, yet easy to extract so you can attach your lenses or whatever.

Get thee hence to Exovault:

Exovault cases. Say no more.

Exovault cases. Say no more.

Piel Frama wallet case. Nice ’cause it protects phone from your cards, acts as a stand, and might take an Olloclip without removing the case, by the looks…

Piel Frama wallet case

Piel Frama wallet case

Then there’s something very cool: LD West‘s vegan leather holster! I think this does it all for me. Though I wouldn’t want to be shot down in the street answering my phone…

LD West's holster

LD West’s holster

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