Stanley & Kaisa Breeden

Focus Stacking in the Wild


Browse our galleries of Rainforest, Wildflowers and Orchids. Focus stacked photography of plants and animals with great depth and detail.

Beautiful Books

Wildflower Country, Rainforest Country and now Small Wonders: a close look at Nature’s Miniatures. One-of-a-kind books featuring extensive focus stacking photography.


Latest missives from Kaisa and Stan, about nature photography, iPhoneography, new photographic technology, the miserable state of nature conservation…

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"Stanley and Kaisa Breeden have pioneered a new way of sharply capturing a tiny living thing's entire visible surface..."

− Michael Cathcart, ABC Books and Arts Daily

" Their subjects are humble, but the Breedens have elevated them to the realm of art."

− QANTAS The Australian Way Magazine

"'Rainforest Country is a joyous and intimate homage, as much about the Breedens’ abiding respect for nature as a showcase for their obvious technical talents.’"

− The Weekend Australian

"(Stan and Kaisa have) pushed the boundaries of digital imaging…"

− Australian Photography Magazine

Patience and Persistence

With hernia-inducing patience and persistence, we work out in the field in natural light to produce books and prints of a kind not seen before—it can create a new reality, a bee’s-eye view of biodiversity. We combine DOF focus stacking with HDRI photography to capture incredible depth and detail.

Why closeups?

In giant enlargements of macro photographs you see details of an intricacy of structure and beauty that cannot even be imagined. This intimacy expands our knowledge and understanding of the world. Not all knowledge lies in science and in words. Sometimes we have to look, to see, in order to penetrate something with our senses to arrive at a truth.


Proud Moth

This tiny, unnamed moth is just 14mm “tall”. We call it Proud Moth, for its upright bearing. When fluttering about in the light at night, it appears as a tiny animated brown flake. Only when enlarged does it show its colours and the structure of its scales.
A 20-exposure focus stack.